with Savanna & Caty


Ep. 8: Haunted Hollywood Pt. 1: Cursed Movies

Join us on Part 1 of our "Haunted Hollywood" Series, where we'll explore the darkness inside the film industry. Today we talk about infamous "cursed" movies such as Poltergeist and the Exorcist. 

** Fact-Check Update: There will be an audio-update for fact-checking in the next episode, but to correct a fact listed in this episode: Near the end of the episode, we say that set designer John Richardson died in a car accident in 1976. This is incorrect. In fact, Richardson is still alive and well. He was, however, driving the car that did, in fact, suffer a head-on collision in which his then-wife Liz Moore (also a set/prop designer) was decapitated. They were near a town in the Netherlands called Ommen, and it was Friday the 13th. There is no proof, however, for the 66.6 km mile-marker. 

Savanna Sturkie